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Domain Time II Software

Network time synchronization software is an essential part of the distributing time to synchronize the network. Symmetricom's Domain Time II is a comprehensive software solution that simplifies network time synchronization. Versatile time clients and software servers keep the network hierarchy synchronized to a master clock such as a Symmetricom GPS referenced, NTS-200 network time server. Easy to use management tools simplify and automate many tasks related to keeping these clients up-to-date. Monitoring functions track the synchronization across the network and notify you of any problems. The result is a reliable time synchronization system that requires little management overhead and offers tremendous value to the integrity of network operations and applications.

Register and download a fully functional version of Domain Time II. This complete Domain Time II System Package for Windows includes the Server, Full Client, Thin Client, DTSet command-line client, Manager, Monitor Service, Update Service, and test tools.

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