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Power Utility Solutions

Profile for Use of IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol in Power System Applications


Smart substations are coming, and they require microsecond timing.


IEC 61850 standard for Power Utility Automation establishes the requirement for microsecond accuracy for critical measurements. The IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol used in conformance with the PTP Power Profile (C37.238-2011) will deliver microsecond accuracy to the Phasor Measurement Units, and enable Wide Area Measurement Systems and control applications to achieve the goals of the Smart Grid: to avoid wide scale outages and enable more efficient operations.


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How to Implement Microsecond Timing for Smart Grid Substations


Download the previously recorded webinar “How to Implement Microsecond Timing for Smart Grid Substations”


The SyncServer® SGC-1500 Smart Grid Clock is specifically designed for substation operations, such as wide area measurement systems, traveling wave fault locators and sampled values, and offers power utility companies accurate, secure and reliable timing and synchronization for their mission-critical operations. Accurate resilient timing enables power utilities to mitigate outages with real-time monitoring for grid stress, frequency instability, voltage instability and reliability margins.


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Symmetricom/SISCO Joint Webinar
Enabling WAMPAC with 61850 and the Importance of Time Synchronization


Power utilities all over the world are installing Wide Area Monitoring, Protection, and Control (WAMPAC) systems. These projects enable new insight that prevent cascading outages, enable islanding, improve efficiencies and help operators manage the complex real-time variances in the grid. Precise time-synchronized measurements are essential for these systems.


This webinar will discuss WAMPAC systems and how using the IEC 61850 (power systems communication) and the IEEE 1588 (precision time protocol) standards will significantly benefit the performance of the power system and reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO).


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Enterprise Solutions

How NTP Servers with Atomic Clocks Protect Against GPS Jamming/Denial to Maintain Accurate Network Time


Jamming of GPS signals is a growing concern among operators of GPS based Network Time Servers. Watch this recorded webinar to learn how GPS equipped Network Time Servers configured with affordable atomic clocks provide accurate, reliable and secure time to your enterprise network, even if the GPS signal is being jammed.


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Network Time Synchronization - Regulatory Compliance/Governance in Financial Markets


Time stamping and network time synchronization is critical for transactions across distributed networks. Events on a distributed network need accurate time stamping to initiate and control processes, and complete transactions such as authentication, audit trails, trigger events and alarms. Accuracy of time is implicit in the high frequency trading: financial services, online financial transactions, billing systems, digital forensics, high-reliability databases and process analysis.


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Mitigating GNSS Vulnerabilities in Commercial Network Timing Apps


Accurate timing from satellite systems is essential to critical communication network infrastructure. But GNSS signals are vulnerable, and network timing must be protected. Symmetricom, the worldwide leader in precise timing solutions, invites you to a webinar that focuses on how to mitigate GNSS vulnerability and increase the reliability and overall integrity of your network infrastructure. This webinar will cover: 
• Overview of GNSS systems and why they are vulnerable 
• Scenarios for losing GNSS timing 
• Solutions that enable continued network operations when timing signals are lost or impaired


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NTP or PTP: Which is the Best Network Timing Protocol for your Enterprise Application Needs?


Enterprise systems have very specific timing needs to ensure that customers using these systems get the full benefit of a precise and accurate timing source. Key timing factors that can play a significant role in providing a high-quality of timing service are accuracy, reliability, security and ease of use. The NTP and PTP protocols posses several features that can be effectively implemented to support the specific needs of an enterprise application. Some enterprise applications may only need the specifications supported by NTP whereas some other enterprise applications may need the higher accuracy and reliability offered by PTP. This webinar will provide the necessary details to help an Enterprise systems architect understand the features and benefits of each protocol and decide what is best for his specific application needs based on his system requirements.


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High Frequency Trading

Delivering Sub-Microsecond Accurate Time to Linux Applications Around the World


Download the previously recorded webinar “Delivering Sub-Microsecond Accurate Time to Linux Applications Around the World”


Learn about the need for time synchronization, technology to deliver the time, the techniques to validate/verify the time accuracy, precision and real world data supporting the claims.


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Synchronizing Precise Time For Trading Around The Planet

This webinar will focus on synchronizing ultra precise time (i.e. sub microsecond) across distributed (Linux) applications deployed in high frequency and algorithmic trading. The challenges are twofold: First, how to very precisely synchronize the time between computers in a trading system. The second, is how that time can be precisely synchronized with other computers around the planet.


This webinar will demonstrate how to overcome these challenges, and will be supported with real data/measurements. The goal is for the audience to learn about the need for time synchronization, technology to deliver the time, the techniques to validate/verify the time accuracy and precision, and real world data supporting the claims.


1. The importance of time stamping and synchronization for high frequency and algo trading.
2. Current challenges to time synchronization, and business impacts of errors.
3. What is PTP, PTP accuracy and why not all PTP synchronization systems are created equal.
4. Overcoming network and (Linux) operating system issues that impact synchronization accuracy.
5. Time measurement techniques at the trading application layer.



IEEE 1588 PTP Solutions

Synchronization Distribution Architecture (SDA) for Small Cells


Symmetricom, the worldwide leader in precise timing solutions, invites you to a webinar to focus on synchronization and timing of small cell base stations. At this webinar, you will learn:
• Timing requirements for 3G, LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD and LTE-Advanced
• Synchronization challenges in common small cell scenarios
• Alternative timing distribution solutions


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PTP Telecom Profiles for Frequency, Phase and Time Synchronization


The IEEE 1588 protocol has become ubiquitous in mobile networks due largely to common implementations made possible by the PTP Telecom Profile. As networks evolve, changing the timing and synchronization requirements from relatively simple to meet frequency specifications to very stringent requirements for phase and time, new profiles will be required.
This webinar covered:
• Introduction to the IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP)
• Characteristics of G.8265.1 Telecom Profile for frequency synchronization
• Status and overview of developing standards for phase and time synchronization


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Symmetricom/PMC-Sierra Unified Synchronization Solution for LTE Mobile Backhaul


In today’s mobile backhaul, a cell site router or gateway can exist in the form of a pizza box or a small chassis that is placed near base stations. In addition to providing traffic aggregation, transport, and other data plane/control plane functions, these cell site routers also need to provide synchronization to the base stations. At this webinar, you will learn:
• Current trends in mobile backhaul and evolving needs
• Challenges of migrating to IP-based timing synchronization while still supporting the older circuit based networks
• Unified Synchronization Solution for Mobile Backhaul from Symmetricom and PMC-Sierra
• Key takeaways and next steps


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Edge Master Clocks for Small Cell and LTE Networks


Small cells require tight synchronization for intercell interference coordination. Evolving mobile technologies demand ever more stringent timing performance. At the same time, backhaul network conditions from the core to the small cells raise concern about delivering the time accuracy needed at the edge. Symmetricom’s Edge Master Clocks are a new type of IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) equipment designed for deployment in the mobile backhaul network, at macro base station sites, or small cell aggregation locations—scaled and optimized to enable economic deployment of small cells and meet the stringent timing and synchronization requirements of 4G/LTE networks.


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Synchronization Distribution Architectures for LTE Networks


This webinar will focus on Synchronization Distribution Architectures (SDAs) for LTE Networks. 4G/LTE networks are rolling out around the world. Deployments grow even while the technology is still advancing. Synchronizing these networks, including HetNets with multiple mobile technologies and both macro and small cells, is a growing challenge. Which mobile standard have you chosen? What are the sync requirements: frequency only, or also phase and time? What is your backhaul: clean and easy Ethernet over fiber, or does it include microwave, GPON and 3rd party networks? One solution will not fit all situations. Join us to explore some basic network scenarios and the synchronization alternatives available to you.


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PTP - Precise Time Protocol

Download the previously recorded webinar “Synchronization for Next Generation Networks-The PTP Telecom Profile.”


This informative webinar is designed to help network engineers, network planners, and network operations understand how to deploy Precision Time Protocol (PTP, or IEEE 1588). PTP is a next generation, packet-based timing protocol targeted for use in asynchronous network infrastructures based on packet transport technologies. This profile addresses the application of the PTP to the frequency synchronization of GSM, UMTS and LTE-FDD base stations.


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TimeProvider 5000 and the Precision Time Protocol

This video presentation is designed to help you understand the TimeProvider 5000 and what’s new in Precision Time Protocol.


Government Solutions

Live Demo of the 3120A Phase Noise Test Probe/Test Set Portfolio


High precision frequency standards such as quartz oscillators, cesium beam, rubidium atomic clocks and hydrogen masers are used in a wide variety of applications that include metrology and time keeping, telecommunications, space missions, radars, navigation and broadcasting. As the number of applications expands while the performance demands increase, designers need to have a clear understanding of the stability and phase noise of the systems used in those applications – in many cases pushing the limits of stability and low phase noise design.


Symmetricom Test Sets offer unusually low measurement floors and simultaneous displays of multiple parameters that might otherwise need separate instruments and/or procedures.


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QUANTUM SA.45s Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC)
Benefits for Underwater Seismic Testing


Due to popular demand and the overwhelming interest from customers evaluating the CSAC, we are repeating this webinar on the QUANTUM™ SA.45s Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC). New details will include an update on lead times and options. The CSAC offers breakthrough performance in power consumption and accuracy that can change the game in how sensors are designed and used in undersea gas and oil exploration.


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Fundamentals of Frequency Reference Oscillators
Use Models for Wide Range of Applications


Frequency reference oscillators are used in a wide range of applications in aerospace/defense, communications, test & measurement, industrial and consumer electronics markets. There are trade-offs that need to be made for each application based on several factors specific to each application need for the different market segments. This webinar will focus on the fundamentals of the frequency reference technologies and oscillator types along with presenting the Symmetricom portfolio of frequency oscillators and how to select them for the different market segments. This webinar was targeted to: 
• System Architects 
• Design Engineers 
• Staff Engineers


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Mitigating GPS Vulnerabilities in Mission Critical Applications


GPS receivers have been widely used to synchronize a variety of infrastructures including mission critical networks in government applications. Recently several publicized events have shown that GPS is susceptible to interference from deliberate spoofing and jamming techniques, which can seriously disrupt or even completely disable GPS dependent infrastructure and jeopardize the mission.


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Precise Time-Scale System


If time-scale systems are in your future and you are looking to establish a highly accurate national or regional timing reference – attend this webinar to learn about the Precise Time-Scale System and how Symmetricom can enable a leading performance solution to meet your specific needs. This webinar will discuss:

  • Time-scale fundamentals and related technologies
  • Precise Time-Scale System (PTSS) product overview
  • PTSS specifications, features and functionalities
  • Upgrade options and other customization features available
  • Overall benefits and support services

The Symmetricom Precise Time-Scale system delivers performance equivalent to world's best national laboratories for international metrology laboratories and regional government agencies.



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