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Frequency References

Every day Symmetricom’s scientists define the state of the art of highly accurate, highly stable time and frequency measurement. As authorities in the global timing community, they lead the way in developing new timing standards and products. Symmetricom’s frequency references, in particular, include some of the world’s most advanced timing technology in terms of precision, stability, low-power consumption, portability, ruggedness, and design innovation. Learn about these concepts from the experts who invented them.

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GPS Solutions

Many of the world’s most time-sensitive applications — like mobile backhaul, network synchronization and military communications — obtain precise time from GPS, a system located over 10,000 miles away in medium Earth orbit. Symmetricom makes GPS synchronization easy thanks to our in-depth knowledge of both GPS timekeeping and the requirements of applications that rely on it. Understand for yourself the key principles driving successful GPS time-synchronization technology — and how applications and users benefit.

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IEEE 1588 PTP Solutions

IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) is rapidly overtaking TDM, NTP and IRIG as the synchronization technology of choice for telecom, computer network and instrumentation applications respectively. Combining the low cost and huge user base of Ethernet with the precision of hardware time stamping, IEEE 1588 offers dramatic return on investment for users fluent in the protocol’s technical principles and best deployment practices. Learn how to incorporate this emerging standard into a total timing strategy optimized to meet your needs.

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Network Time Protocol (NTP)

Precise and pervasive network synchronization is vital to today’s enterprise and telecom networks for reasons such as security, quality of service, legal compliance, fault diagnosis and forensic analysis. Synchronization is ever more critical as networks now transport more data at higher rates to an increasingly diverse set of rapidly growing applications. Different applications, different networks, different requirement sets, different sync technologies — Symmetricom helps you sort it all out.

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Time and Frequency Distribution

Power grids, cable plants, telecom switches, commercial time-scales and other time-based systems need not only a precise time and frequency source but also a reliable method to acquire time and frequency from the source. Symmetricom has both ends covered (and every point in between). We understand the factors that can introduce time and frequency errors anywhere across the distribution chain — and how best to mitigate them. Learn about today’s best technologies for distributing precise time and frequency in complex, highly synchronized systems.

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Test & Measurement

Fundamental breakthroughs by Symmetricom in phase noise and Allan Deviation testing have dramatically reduced the cost, complexity, effort and error typically associated with these measurements. The result is the most accurate test sets in the industry, providing phase noise measurement accuracy down to a previously impossible ±1.0db. Discover the key insights behind these advances.

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Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC)

Symmetricom invented portable atomic timekeeping with QUANTUM™, a family of atomic oscillators that offers best-in-class stability, size, weight and power consumption, making them suitable for a variety of applications ranging from telecom networks to aerospace & defense. The SA.45s Chip Scale Atomic Clock (CSAC) is the world’s first commercially available chip scale atomic clock, enabling a new class of atomic clock applications, defined by portability. Learn more about CSAC’s innovative technology, product features, performance specs, example applications and more.

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High Frequency Trading and Financial Services Industry

Precise and accurate time is increasingly critical to the success of many high-speed, low-latency trading systems. Whether it is improving the time stamp accuracy on archived data for algorithm optimization, or synchronizing the time between trading servers in a rack or around the world for trading risk management and performance monitoring, precise time is a key enabler of better performance. In this trading technology arms race, Symmetricom delivers the end-to-end precise time synchronization solutions needed to maintain competitiveness and gain competitive advantage.

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