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06-Apr-16 SA.3Xm
The Miniature Atomic Clock (“MAC”) as listed in the table above may have Non-harmonic Spurious phase-noise that may not conform to our product non-harmonic phase noise specification when installed and used in accordance with Microsemi documentation.

04-Feb-16 Various
On January 26, 2016, Microsemi sent out a Field Service Bulletin (FSB #098-40621-89) regarding detection of a GPS signal reception anomaly. This FSB was issued based on observations made by Microsemi using our most advanced TimeScale systems as well as from reported incidents from Micrsoemi customers worldwide.

27-Jan-16 Various
On January 25, 2016, customers were experiencing difficulty with GPS-based synchronization systems. This issue was immediately escalated at Microsemi and worked on with the highest level of priority.

01-Oct-15 SSU-2000e
Summary Per safety compliance to EN60950-1, the SSU-2000e Main Shelf and SDU-2000e Expansion Shelves are required to meet specified safety requirements through connection to a fused power supply, which limits the power supply values to the SSU-2000e. In cases where the system is not installed with fused external power, a built-in fuse at the entry of the system is required.

09-Jul-15 TimeProvider 5000
This FSB is to alert users of a condition where PTP clients may not receive the required Delay Response messages from the TimeProvider 5000 Grandmaster (GM).

15-Jun-15 TimeProvider 5000
This FSB is to alert users of a condition where PTP clients may not receive the required Delay Response messages from the TimeProvider 5000 Grandmaster (GM).

30-Apr-15 Multiple Products
This FSB is to provide information on the leap second insertion on June 30th, 2015 for current products listed below. This is with reference to the current software release for each of the products.

19-Feb-15 TimeProvider 5000
This FSB is to advise TimeProvider 5000 users of a CLI command response that could possibly be interpreted incorrectly. As shown below, the command “ SHOW REDUNDANCY ACTIVE-PORT” will respond with either IOC active port : eth1 (ioc-1) or IOC active port : eth2 (ioc-2)

18-Feb-15 SSU-2000e
Customer found that the SSU2000e was conducting current into the earthing ground connection. The system had the-48VDC power return line connected to the chassis or frame ground. This chassis or frame ground is intended to be connected to the earthing ground connection. Central offices have this line grounded to earthing as well at the rectifier. See drawing below. There is no potiential difference between the earthing at the rectifier and the SSU2000e chassis. There is no danger to user or facilities.

11-Nov-14 Multiple Products
See Attachement

03-Oct-14 Multiple Products
See attachment

16-Jul-13 SSU 2000 and SSU 2000e
This FSB is to alert customers of possible issues with revision F of the Clock Cards, PNs 23413015-000-0, 23413015-001-0, 23413016-000-0. Revision F cards include changes to replace discontinued components.

12-Dec-12 SSU 2000/2000e
This FSB is to alert customers of a possible issue within the SSU-2000/2000-e Comms R card where assigning an IP address or gateway of while using a netmask of could cause the card to no longer be accessible for communication. This FSB will also provide instruction for the user to identify a potential faulty system by inspecting the Comms R card and actions required to replace this card.

16-Oct-12 TimeProvider 5000 Grandmaster
The purpose of this FSB is to provide background information relating to the “GPS Signal Low alarm” and optional actions that customers may want to take in order to mitigate the triggering of this alarm.

02-Jul-12 SyncServer S100, S2xx and S3xx Series Network Time Servers
After the June 30, 2012 Leap Second insertion event, an issue maybe experienced where an additional leap second could be added for a duration of 15 minutes every 24 hours at midnight UTC. This issue is experienced only when SyncServer units are peered to other SyncServer NTP Servers as NTP Associations. This affects currents S100, S2XX, and S3XX products and all corresponding firmware versions.

21-Jun-12 All Symmetricom Products
This FSB is to provide information on the leap second insertion on June 30th, 2012 for current products.

05-Apr-12 TimeProvider 5000 Grandmaster
This FSB is to alert customers of a possible issue with TimeProvider 5000 due to a memory leak in the SNMP agent running in the Integrated Management Cards (IMCs). Once the IMCs are running for an extended time period (several weeks or months), the TP5000 SNMP agent will stop responding to Network Management requests due to a lack of system resources caused by the memory leak.

04-Apr-12 TimeProvider 5000 Grandmaster
This FSB is to alert customers that the upgrade procedure for a redundant system, as described in the TimeProvider 5000 SRN, may result in potential loss of outputs while performing an upgrade. Contained in this FSB are new procedures which provide a means to avoid potential loss of outputs. The procedures in this FSB supersede upgrade procedures as described in the SRN, as well as the upgrade procedures described in the TimeProvider 5000 User’s Guide. Both the SRN and User’s Guide will be updated to include these procedures. This FSB supersedes all versions of the User’s Guide Rev E and earlier, and SRN Rev G and earlier.

06-Jan-12 GPS / DS1 Input / E1 Input / JSW Input Modules
This FSB is to alert customers that the following SSU-2000 input modules are reporting a higher MTIE value than is actually present on the input signal, most significantly for time intervals of 100 seconds or less. This is caused by the input circuitry that has a white noise characteristic. This is filtered by the clock servo so that no impact or error is transferred to the outputs of the SSU-2000 output modules.

30-Nov-11 SyncServer S3xx Series Network Time Servers
1520R-S300 RoHS SyncServer S300 1520R-S300-RB RoHS SyncServer S300 with Rubidium Oscillator 1520R-S300-DC RoHS SyncServer S300 & 40-60 Vdc Power Supply 1520R-S300-RB-DC RoHS SyncServer S300 & RB Oscillator & 40-60 Vdc Power Supply 1520R-S350 RoHS SyncServer S350 1520R-S350-RB RoHS SyncServer S350 with Rubidium Oscillator 1520R-S350-DC RoHS SyncServer S350 & 40-60 Vdc Power Supply 1520R-S350-RB-DC RoHS SyncServer S350 & RB Oscillator & 40-60 Vdc Power Supply

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