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Repair and Replacement Information

Q: What do I do if I have a failed unit?
A: Defective products can either be repaired or replaced at the option of Symmetricom. Products that fail out-of-box (dead on arrival or DOA units) upon initial purchase are advance replaced by Symmetricom immediately upon notification to the Customer Assistance Center. Products that were shipped from our factory more than 30 days prior or have already been in use at the customer site are not considered out-of-box failures. All other failures should be handled as a repair.

Q: What about advance replacements?
A: Symmetricom Global Services offers advance replacement services (Spares Support Coverage) for those customers who wish to avoid the expense and administrative time necessary to purchase and maintain spares. Unless you have a Spares Support contract, or otherwise contracted with Symmetricom in your product purchase agreement or certain conditions exist, advance replacement units are not typically provided. Spare units can be purchased at standard pricing and lead times. We’ll be glad to advise you on the recommended level of spares to stock, if desired.

Q: How long will the repair take?

A: Turnaround time to complete a repair (from date of receipt at the appropriate factory location to date of return shipment to the customer) varies depending on the product and the technology in question. The majority of products can be repaired in less than 30 days. Some products require a longer repair time because their technology demands a longer period to test and burn-in the product following repair to insure it is in proper working condition. In some cases, Symmetricom may provide a replacement unit if a repair cannot be completed in a reasonable period of time. (This does not apply to all products and never applies for discontinued products.) We ask permission from all customers before making a replacement where the factory is located in a different country than the return address for the unit. 

Q: How long is the repair warranty period?

A: Units repaired or replaced typically carry a warranty of ninety (90) days or the expiration of initial factory warranty or applicable service contract term, whichever is longer.

Q: What does a repair cost?
A: There is no charge to repair units that fail in warranty and are returned to the factory location for repair. The customer typically pays the freight to return the unit to us and we pay the freight to return the repaired unit to you. Repair prices for out of warranty units vary depending on the unit and your contractual arrangements with us, if any, and the customer typically bears all freight costs. If your product is out of warranty, we’ll provide the repair price to you and request you provide us a purchase order at the time we issue you a Return Materials Authorization (RMA) number. If you have a large installed base of Symmetricom products, we’ll be glad to work on a blanket purchase order basis to effect your repairs.

Q: Where do I return the failed unit for repair?

A: Symmetricom has several factory locations. Our Repair Administration group will provide the appropriate factory address to you when they issue your RMA number.

Q: Does my return need special packaging or marking?

A: Most units should be packaged in accordance with normal commercial practices to prevent damage and marked with the RMA number we issue you. Cesium units require special hazardous materials handling. If you need hazmat packing and documentation assistance, please inform Repair Administration when requesting an RMA number. 

Q: Will I be charged if the unit is No Trouble Found (NTF)?

A: Because we incur costs to process the RMA and to troubleshoot and test the unit, we do typically charge a minimal fee for an NTF unit.  If your unit is NTF and a fee will be assessed you will be notified by Repair Administration.

Q: What if I have other questions about repairs or replacements or I need help on-site to effect the repair?
A: Contact our Customer Assistance Center at:

USA Toll-Free
1-888-367-7966 (1-888-FOR-SYMM) Option 3

1-408-428-7907 Option 3

Europe, Middle East and Africa

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